Crello – A Free Cloud-Based Graphic Design Tool

This Cloud-Based app is for beginner and professional designers alike and it is a free service that can be regarded as an alternative to another free app for designers, Facebook’s Canva.

Crello is a free cloud-based graphic design software and photo editor that can be used to create professional flyers, posters, pictures, cards, magazines, ebooks, etc.

It features 5000+ designs that you are free to customize and use whichever way you see fit not excluding social media ads, page covers, magazines, flyers, and greeting cards.

Users are able to pick designs from the dozens of already decorated templates or to create projects from scratch. Crello also has all the common art-board sizes so that designers will not have to memorize image resolutions any longer.

For example, starting a facebook cover project is as easy as choosing “Facebook cover” from the template options and getting right on to designing.

If you want to upload and design with custom photos Crello has you covered. You can upload preferred photos and even tune them up using Crello’s online inbuilt photo editor with functionalities like crop, transparency, image blur, shapes, effects, and filters.

Check out Crello’s introductory video below:

Features in Crello

  • Free for all users.
  • 60 million photos, 6,000+ templates, 29 design formats, and 10,000+ free photos and vectors.
  • An inbuilt photo editor.
  • A variety of free photo effects and filters.
  • Support for several formats not excluding PNG, JPG, amd TIFF.
  • Comprehensive online tutorials.
  • An open community for sharing projects and gaining design inspiration.
  • Free media kits for designers.
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Crello’s aim is to make designing easy and enjoyable and as long as you have creativity on your side, you will get to actualize this aim in your life.

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Which software do you use for your design projects? Which will you pick if you were to go with Canva or Crello? Let us know in the comments section below.

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