Geary – An Email Client for GNOME Desktop

Geary is an open source email client developed for reading, finding, and sending emails on the GNOME 3 desktop. With one of its main features being conversations, users can read entire conversations in their inbox without needing to search for and select the individual emails.

If you use the GNOME desktop environment then you must know by now that there are more than a handful of email clients you can pick from. This one is particularly designed to integrate excellently with your desktop and system settings while helping you manage your emails and reminders with ease.

It features a GNU/Linux-familiar User Interface with toggable sidebars and toolbars, that can be customized to have shortcuts added to or removed; it supports keyboard shortcuts which come with an inbuilt cheat sheet; and it supports adding links, labels, images, and starring emails, to mention a few.

Features in Geary

Geary has a lot of features that you will just have to experience yourself. Nevertheless, below are its main feature:

  • FOSSGeary is free to download and use with its source code available for contribution.
  • Easy email account setup.
  • Shows related messages together in conversations.
  • Swift search function with full-text support.
  • Composer with full support for HTML and plain text messaging.
  • Support for desktop notifications.
  • Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, and other IMAP servers.
  • Complete online documentation.
  • Full support for saving remote images.
  • Multiple spell-checker languages when composing messages.
  • Archive support for Yahoo! Mail and
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Geary got its first major update of 2017 during the first week of October since its previous in May 2016, so it is safe to say that Geary is back in development and users should expect to see an all-round performance and UI improvement as is already evident in its latest release.

If you’re on the lookout for an email client that will work perfectly in your GNOME desktop environment then you should try Geary.

You can download it as a Flatpak or check out other installation methods including.

Download Geary Email Client

Most Linux distributions provide packaged versions of Geary, ready to install. The most straight-forward way to install Geary is using package manager as shown.

$ sudo apt install geary   [On Debian based systems]$ sudo yum install geary   [On RedHat based systems]

Are you a Geary user already or do you have a more efficient alternative? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments section below.

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