Gradio – Find and Listen to Internet Radio Stations on Linux

If you have been following our posts then you must have come across music players that have the ability to search for and play online radio stations, e.g. Tizonia , Yarock , and Lollypop – to mention a few. there is also Pithos , for Pandora lovers since there isn’t an official Linux client available yet.

Today, we introduce to you a stand alone radio application for GNU/Linux primarily for streaming radio services online. It’s called Gradio.

Gradio is an open source GTK3 Radio app for finding and listening to online radio stations and it is available as a snap package. It features a User Interface reminiscent of the default GNOME desktop look with a gray background and Ubuntu+Roboto fonts.

Features in Gradio

  • FOSS: Gradio is free to download and use with its source code available on GitHub .
  • Clean and intuitive User Interface.
  • Edit radio station details.
  • Extended search.
  • Sort menu with options to sort by votes, country, name, language, clicks, bitrate, state, and date.
  • Group radio stations into collections.
  • Support for radio library import/export.

As at the time of writing, Gradio 6.0 (the latest and most stable release) came with some new features some of which include less memory usage, a new side panel, and a new selection system.

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As usual, you should download Gradio to try it out yourself to experience the rest of its features first hand. Because it is available as a snap package you can easily install and uninstall Gradio whenever you want without negatively affecting your system.

$ sudo snap install gradio$ sudo snap install gnome-3-24$ sudo snap connect gradio:gnome-3-24-platform gnome-3-24:gnome-3-24-platform$ snap run gradio

The latest development version of Grdio is now available as a flatpak. The package is signed with a GPG key, and will be updated every night.

# flatpak install --user --from

There is also a PPA available for Ubuntu (16.04+).

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:haecker-felix/gradio-daily$ sudo apt update$ sudo apt install gradio

There is a copr available for Fedora 24+.

$ sudo dnf copr enable heikoada/gradio$ sudo dnf install gradio

If you would like to grab its tar.gz or zip files you can get them by following the button below.

Download Gradio on GitHub

What do you think of Gradio’s latest performance? Your contributions are welcome in the comments section below.

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