Synfig – An Adobe Animate Alternative for GNU/Linux

Synfig is a professional cross-platform and open source 2D animation software designed to create film-quality animations using vector and bitmap graphics. Its marketing pitch is that eliminates the need to create animations frame by frame and enables the production of high-end quality 2d animation with fewer resources.

Just like Adobe Animate, Synfig is used to create interactive animations that are multi-platform and of high display resolutions. Its Skeleton Distortion layer allows for the employment of composite deformations to bitmap artwork.

It features the ability to use layered artworks, simulates soft shades with curved gradients, interlink graphical objects, etc. Its User Interface isn’t one that is foreign to Linux users because it makes use of the common Ubuntu font and color family.

Features in Synfig

  • FOSS: Free to download and use with its open source code available on GitHub .
  • Cross-Platform: Enjoy an uninterrupted workflow on your workstation whether on GNU/Linux, Mac, or Windows.
  • Sound layer support for syncing animations with soundtracks.
  • Layers support for gradients, filters, distortions, etc.
  • Bone system for making cutout animation using bitmap images.
  • Training course to help you get up and running for free.
  • A comprehensive online documentation for beginners and professionals alike.

To see all of Synfig’s features you will need to employ the app’s utilization yourself and you can do that for free by following the download link below.

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Download Synfig for Linux

Have you used Synfig before? How easy did you find it to use shortcuts, effects, and complex sound syncing? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

And don’t forget to add suggestions of other Adobe Animate alternatives available for the GNU/Linux platform.

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